usf Microfluidics and Acoustics Laboratory


Rasim Guldiken, Ph.D.

Current Members:

Dr. Emre Tufekcioglu, Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Tao Wang, Postdoctoral Researcher, Co-Advised with Mohapatra
Scott Padilla, Ph.D. Candidate
Rafael Rodriguez, Ph.D. Candidate
Joel Cooper, Ph.D. Candidate, Co-Advised with Gallant
Ahmad Manasrah, Ph.D. Candidate, Co-Advised with Reed
Adrian Avila, Ph.D. Candidate, Co-advised with Wang
Joshua Garno, Undergraduate Student, Honors Thesis

Former Members and Alumni:

Alper Sisman, Ph.D. (Post-Doctoral Fellow)- 2011/12
Vinayak Ranjan, Ph.D. (Visiting Faculty)- 2012

Tao Wang (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering)- 2016
Eric Tridas (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, co-advised with Schlaf)- 2015
Onursal Onen (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering)- 2013
Myeong Chan Jo (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering)- 2013
Jairo Martinez (M.S. in Mechanical Engineering)- 2012 
Greeshma Manohar (M.S. in Mechanical Engineering)- 2012
Ahmad Manasrah (M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, co-advised with Reed)- 2012
Eric Tridas (M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, co-advised with Schlaf)- 2012 
Asad Ahmad (M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, co-advised with Gallant)- 2011
Lynford Davis (M.S. in Mechanical Engineering)- 2009
Gokhan Karaman (International Visiting Scholar)- 2011/12
Klaus Windhager (International Visiting Scholar)- 2011/12 

Marcos Robles (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2015
Brandon Demers (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2014
Amberly Shishler (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2014
Marlon Franklin (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2014
Kimberly Witke (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2013
Alexander McCulla (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2013 
Laura Blanco (Undergraduate Researcher, co-advised with Gallant)- 2013
Ahmad Hares (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2012
Dean Velasquez (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2011/12
Jaime Pagan (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2010/11
Andrew Abney (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2010/11
Chris Nelson (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2009/10
Nathan Rice (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2009
Momo Kajiwara (Undergraduate Researcher)- 2009